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    Each year, thanks to your generosity and support, Sustaining Grace Ministries makes a difference in the lives of teen moms by sharing God’s love and truth throughout Washington County. Your support translates into impact on many levels. It meets the urgent needs for teen moms and their children. It provides opportunities to teach life skills and healthy relationships. It also offers mentoring and graduation supports. Your help has changed lives and raised awareness about issues affecting these young mothers and their children.  All of this helps create a community where teen moms experience God’s love.

   In the spring, we held an Information night at Insomnia Coffee in downtown Hillsboro. We invited the community to come and see the many ways we support teen moms in Washington County. Each table was set up with information about the program and the direct impact it has on the lives of the families we support. It was exciting to see several moms we have served come and share their personal experiences with the community!

   This past year, God has allowed us to come alongside DHS in their efforts to serve teen mothers and their children. They desire to provide a full circle of community support to help these families in many different areas. This exciting partnership has opened the doors to support mothers and babies with much needed items such as clothing, diapers, wipes, and food as well as providing spiritual council.

We had the honor of being asked to serve another school year in Miller Education Center and Century High school. This year brought many changes for each school, including a new parenting teacher at Miller and an amazing opportunity to help shape Century’s parenting curriculum. Between both schools a volunteer with our ministry teaches an average of 3-4 times a week in the classroom.

   In Century High School, our volunteer spends time building community with the teen parent nursery staff, the teen moms and babies before each class. During the time in the nursery, we learned that they needed help creating a more spacious and welcoming nap room. Together with the teaching staff, we helped organize the room and purchased a night stand, soft lamps and words of affirmation that were displayed on the wall to encourage this generation of young parents and show them that they are loved and cared for. We have had many opportunities to share about our faith and how it leads us to serve.

Every Monday at Miller, we work on smash books. Smash books are journals with artistic expressions using different mediums like painting, scrapbooking etc. On Tuesdays, we support the teacher in assisting moms with projects and guiding the conversation topic for the day. We also help tutor and mentor when more academic help is needed. Many amazing relationships have been built with Miller’s staff opening opportunities to assist teen moms with various needs outside the classroom.


   This year’s holiday season was very busy! With the help of community partners and local churches, we served over 20 teen moms in Washington County this Thanksgiving and Christmas! New Life Baptist members donated many items and created beautiful blankets to give comfort and love to the moms we serve. For Thanksgiving New Life’s Youth group came in and spent time helping create our Friendsgiving décor. They also helped organize and clean out our storage room. Most importantly, they prayed over the young mothers and their children. Hillsboro First Baptist participated in this ministry by collecting items for a much-needed baby shower for a local teen mom, showing her that she is loved and cared for while also meeting her physical needs. Additionally, they were instrumental in helping supply us with donations for our Laundry Baskets of Love, which are baskets of both gifts and necessities that teen mothers bring home during the winter break to ensure that their families will have enough resources without the help normally provided by the school.

   Our team spent this spring and summer praying about how to grow deeper relationships with moms and create opportunities to share God’s truth. God answered our prayers! In August, we had several teen moms approach us asking for events to share a meal for thanksgiving or a Christmas party or just time to be with other teen moms. It was then that we decided to launch our monthly gatherings. Each month looks different, depending on the season and needs we see arising. We eat dinner or snacks and create space for real conversations about life with the intention of sharing who God is and how much He loves them and their children. This time allows our leaders to serve the moms and grow mentoring relationships.

   Sustaining Grace was honored by being asked to present at the Hillsboro Prayer Breakfast. It was such an exciting opportunity to stand before so many believers and share how God is changing the lives of teen moms in Washington County. We had many opportunities to share information with community leaders and churches concerning our programs and ministry impact.

   Through your prayers and financial donations, we were able to purchase car seats, diapers, wipes, clothing, food, formula and the list goes on. You have provided opportunities to speak truth into the lives of these moms which has directly impacted their children. As I think about the needs and prayers for the upcoming year, my heart keeps coming back to Luke 10:2 “These were his instructions to them; “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers in his fields.” Would you pray for more workers to go out in the field? We need volunteers to help with our monthly gatherings, our donation program and mentors. Maybe God is calling you to step out into the field with us this year? We welcome your prayers and are so very thankful for all the support and encouragement you have given to this ministry.


Michelle Finn

Executive Director

Sustaining Grace Ministries

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