The life and love that Sustaining Grace shares comes from the time and care donated by our volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a part of the work that we are doing, either by joining us as a long-term volunteer or simply by lending a hand in whatever way possible, please fill out the volunteer application and email it to us. If you have questions about volunteering please feel to send us your question.

Mentors are trained and encouraged to form loving relationships with the mother who will help her through the critical first few years of parenting.


Our goal is to facilitate the bonding and building of a relationship between the teen parent and a seasoned, loving mentor. This link will strengthen the principles the young mom learns at Sustaining Grace helping her work through present life stresses, making difficult choices with confidence and giving her hope for a fruitful future.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us. 

This ministry and our faith would be nothing without the prayer and support from our community and friends.  Please keep Sustaining Grace Ministries, our leadership, and the mothers and children that we have relationships with in your prayers.  


See our current prayer letter for specific prayer needs and praises.





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