Dear Sustaining Grace Supporter,

It is with much prayer, discussion, and waiting that we announce the closing of Sustaining Grace Ministries.  Years ago, when this ministry first started, we followed God’s direction.  It was a difficult decision to step out in faith and follow God.  It is with that same confidence and security that we step out in faith and close the doors to the ministry.  God is good, God is moving, and God is calling for us to do something different.  

Throughout the years, the ministry has seen some incredible things happen.  Lives have been transformed by the work of Christ and his calling for us to serve.  We have witnessed a community form between teen moms, moms have been baptized, children have been discipled, and needs have been met. The love of Christ allowed us to serve in two incredible Hillsboro High Schools, partnering with teachers and staff in the teaching of life skills.  

Sustaining Grace Ministries started with a goal to provide housing for teen mothers in need.  Early on, the direction changed as doors into the high school opened to teach life skills to teen moms.  Over the years, multiple teen moms resided with Sustaining Grace volunteers in their homes, receiving much-needed love. The ministry devoted time to the building of a community with teen moms, helping them learn to lean on each other and Christ for their needs. Because God is faithful, we can say without a doubt that God led the charge then and is leading in these next steps.

Along the way, the need for domestic violence advocacy for young single mothers became apparent. Unfortunately, too many times, domestic violence played a pivotal role in ministering to teen moms. Michelle partnered with the Hillsboro Police Department, volunteering as a domestic violence advocate to gain the appropriate education and needed skills to navigate the dangerous dynamics.    

Before this current COVID season, Sustaining Grace’s path forward was in the process of being evaluated. The doors to the high schools closed as both schools restricted their programs.  This last school year, the teen moms that had been ministered to in the schools graduated. As the need for life skills and resources dwindled, opportunities for ministering to young mothers also began to slow down. Prayerfully, Michelle decided to restart her college degree, focusing on criminal justice.  It is this new direction that we feel God is calling us to.     

What happens next? Funds received after June 1st, 2020, will be returned to the sender. All of the supplies and existing funds will be donated to like-minded organizations to bless teen moms by August 1st, 2020.  

Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. Again, we trust with confidence in the direction God is calling us to next. God is good, and we patiently wait as He reveals His plans.


Sustaining Grace Ministries